Our union, the Sheet Metal Air Rail Train International Association (SMART) and our contractors, the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA) have a long history of close cooperation in apprenticeship, training, and education. Both agree that this important industry needs to attract the best possible apprentices on the basis of talent, interest, and aptitude for the work. The strength of the industry reflects this positive attitude. Union and contractors getting along--another reason for you to consider a career in sheet metal--learning while you work!

Southern California Sheet Metal JATC:
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About the International Training Institute

* Helps provide the training and skills that give SMART workers and SMACNA contractors the competitive edge in the construction market. Their goal is to instill the same competitive skills, quality craftsmanship, and pride in craft the next generation of sheet metal workers found in today's workers. ITI strives for excellence in craft and performance.

* Trains instructors and other personnel by working through the Ohio State University. The ITI trains the instructors for both apprentices and for upgrading programs for journeypersons. ITI also employs the specialists and regional coordinators who can provide on-site training to SMART workers and SMACNA contractors.

* Cooperates with SMART and SMACNA to publicize both the union members and contractors in promoting employment and expand the sheet metal industry markets. The two organizations participate in major trade shows, work closely with leading engineering and architectural associations, and help key professionals recognize the value of employing SMACNA contractors who employ union sheet metal workers.

* Trains and provides certification in a growing marketplace. For 30 years, the ITI has given engineers and architects strong reasons to recommend the skills of SMART members and SMACNA contractors through its highly respected training and certification programs. ITI stays alert to market changes and new technologies, helping union sheet metal workers and union contractors compete for sheet metal work in their communities. For example, ITI and SMACNA are cooperating in the development of a computerized OSHA-10 Safety Training Course to include internet testing and registration.

* Prepares for the next generation of sheet metal workers by enabling the 170 local JATC's to prepare indivisualswith the apptitude and skills for success in the industry and in their careers with the union. ITI assists the industry in attracting the best and the brightest students with an interest in the sheet metal industry.

ITI-International Training Institute for Sheet Metal Workers
601 North Fairfax Street, Suite 240
Alexandria, Virginia 22314